My Purple Door Designs

Toms River, New Jersey
United States

Welcome to My Purple Door Design, where my creativity blooms! My name is Maureen, the passionate artist behind this small business. I am dedicated to spreading joy through my art, and crafts.

My favorite color is purple as it represents creativity, imagination, and inspiration. And ever since I was a child, I've been fascinated  by the beauty of flowers, the allure of vibrant colors, and the power of heartfelt gifting. My love for art and crafts led me to discover the wonders of paper flowers, each delicate petal crafted with care, trying to capture nature's finest blooms.

At My Purple Door Design, I believe in the magic of personal connections and the joy of giving. That's why my collection of paper flower arrangements, stationery, greeting cards, bookmarks, stickers, and keychains is designed with love and attention to detail. My products not only serve as thoughtful gifts but also as charming keepsakes that bring a touch of beauty to everyday life.

I take pride in the fact that each item is meticulously handcrafted, ensuring that every piece is as unique and special as the person receiving it. Whether you're looking for a bouquet of everlasting paper flowers to brighten someone's day, a personalized greeting card to convey your heartfelt emotions, or a cute keychain to add flair to your belongings, My Purple Door Design has something to delight everyone.

My ultimate goal is to make people smile, with sheet at a time and your satisfaction is my greatest reward. So, whether you're treating yourself or searching for that perfect gift for a loved one, come on in through the purple door, and let's embark on a journey of wonder and delight together.

Thank you for supporting my small business and for being a part of the joy-spreading mission of My Purple Door Design. Let's create smiles that bloom forever!

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